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We are always in search of effective ways to increase our stamina and enhance endurance – but sometimes, the debilitating pain in the back or sciatica can keep us from focusing on our fitness goals. Pain in the back or the one that radiates down towards the legs can be due to several causes such as muscle strains, disk issues or spasms. All these problems have a similar end result – chronic pain that makes it hard for us to focus on anything else. The good news is, there are a few simple exercises and stretches that can not only help relieve sciatica pain and strengthen the muscles but also prevent recurrence in the future.

Partial Crunches

This is the classic core-strengthening workout to relieve sciatica and strengthen back muscles. It targets muscles in the abdomen and legs – making it one of the ideal exercise for people with spondylosis and back issues due to poor posture.

How To Do It:
• Lie back, bend your knees so that your feet will be flat on the floor.
• Raise your shoulders from the floor with your arms crossed around your chest or hands behind your head. Keep your stomach muscles tight.
• Now raise your shoulder while breathing out and hold for a second. Gradually come back to the starting position by lowering your shoulders back down to the floor.

Hamstring Stretches

Experiencing sciatica pain? This exercise can be relieving. Hamstring stretches targets the muscle groups in the legs and helps strengthen them.

How To Do It:
• With one knee bent, lie on the floor in a supine position (face up).
• On the unbent leg, thread a towel or a band beneath the ball of the foot.
• Pull back on the band slowly while straightening your bent knee.
• Hold yourself in this position for a count of 10-15.
• Alternate the leg and repeat for 5 times.

Wall Sits

When it comes to sciatic pain or low back pain due to spine problems, wall sit is the key to help reduce the intensity of the pain.

How To Do It:
• Stand with your back facing the wall or any other flat surface. Move backward until there is no curve between your back and that flat surface.
• Now carefully slide down the wall until you get your knees slightly bent. Your back, especially the lower portion, should be pressed against the wall.
• Hold the position for at least 10-15 seconds, then slowly slide back up the wall.

Press-up Back Extensions

Extension exercises help stretch the target muscles and can be beneficial in relieving the pain related to that area. Press-up back extensions can an effective treatment for lower back pain symptoms.

How To Do It:
• Lie on your stomach (face down). Bend your arms, such that your hands are directly underneath your shoulders.
• Apply force on your hands and elbows to lift your shoulder away from the floor. It will apply pressure on the back and hamstring muscles.
• Try spending several seconds holding this position every day for better results.

Knee to Chest

This exercise helps to pump your leg and back muscles and considered an effective workout to relieve back pain symptoms and sciatica.

How To Do It:
• Lie on your back. Bend your knees so that your feet will be flat on the floor.
• With your hands, draw the left knee up to your chest while keeping the right foot flat against the floor.
• Hold this position for 15 – 20 seconds.
• Next, bring back the left knee to the starting position and repeat with the right knee.
• Perform knee-to-chest two to four times for each leg.

As always check with your doctor before starting a stretching or exercise program to make sure that it is safe for you.

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